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(From the Warlords of Syria-2016)

The report read: “Bashar al Assad, leader of Syria a malefic victor with his buddy Putin, of Russia is as though they are in attachment with some lunatic from the fourth Dimension, who are buddies in world success, in case the pioneer called Mordieu, whose plans for the world victory was to begin in Syria, and will make Genghis Khan and his Mongol swarm look like armatures.” Said educator Evens, teacher at Los Wanaka University, in Huancayo Peru, for ‘World New Reports’ (February twentieth, 2016.)

From World News Reports, March, twentieth, 2016, by Professor Chick Evens (Bacterium Biologist), “Should you move about in Syria you will see 350,000-less occupants, these states of people: men, ladies, and youngsters and the older were in the relatively recent past alive now cadavers of Bashar al-Assad’s routine. Since he has declined the UN’s goals 2254, for harmony talks, he is straightforwardly in charge of every one of those lives, to incorporate 11.5 million lost Arabs, no longer accessible to live in their homes, shy of water, electric, and nourishment, while he washes in solace with is pal in wrongdoing, Putin from Russia, who presently has an army installation in Syria. Additionally, 4.5 million Arabs have cut crosswise over Europe, and live in Turkey, on its shores and inland, and al-Assad and Putin’s Russia are hitting air strikes on medical clinics what is straightaway? Is there no importance to life inside their spirits? What’s more, a portion of the Greek islands are brimming with exiles. Approximately twelve countries are included, to incorporate America, France, England, Turkey, Russia, the Saudis, the Syrian Rebels, Iran, Lebanon’s Hezbollah, Qatar, the Islamic State, al-Nusra Front, both fear monger gatherings, all engaged with the war. All in fight gear, as the Russians bomb aimlessly, and once caught tormented, without thought, for example, waterboarding, banned by the worldwide laws of mankind. Also, presently we got a group from some world chief from space required, out of some plane of the fourth Demission, he is called Malik Tawus, however his official name is Mordieu; al-Assad has come to over the outskirt and reached the fourth plane, another supply of powers that will enable him to invade Syria, and the world with Russia, if not halted. What’s more, you’d think our leader Obama would be in delirium over this, yet he resembles a human who is vulnerable in life’s grasp; discreetly, gradually, relentlessly he watches these silly killers proceed and proceed, as he rests unburdened.”

(Recess: Syria once a resistance, in 2012, presently a contention, 2016, preceding 2012, in 2011, it was basically dissents that ejected crosswise over Syria. The advancement is momentous, in that bombarding began in 2013, causing a huge number of losses. At that point in 2015, Russia’s intercession inside the contention, happens. Presently in this time of 2016, ‘the Year of the Monkey’ the image in Syria gets more hopeless; with their administrations new system: ‘starve or surrender’… leaving 350,000-individuals expelled from helpful guide.)

Said the paper questioner, Miss Hoffmann, “Teacher Evens, how would we stop it?”

“Miss,” said the teacher, “on the off chance that I disclosed to you one man began the First World War, in charge of eight-million passings, and one man could have ceased it, and Genghis Khans’ walk all through Europe could have been halted by small time, who was in charge of the demise of twenty-five-million lives, and that al-Assad, leader of Syria, is nevertheless one man in a similar classification, is nevertheless one man not interested in death, and human distress could, on the off chance that he wished to, stop the Syrian war, that has killed 300,000 occupants, with his foolhardy scope of bombardments and bombings and his military powers, among such huge numbers of offering their irregularities to which I am certain al-Assad wants to embellish his teeth at the Americans endeavoring to help, and the French and Turks, and the Syrian Rebels who are the official obstruction concerning his routine, in the event that you had the power and intends to stop it, OK?”

Answered Miss Hoffmann, “What can one lady do, nothing!”

“Miss Hoffmann,” said the educator, “how wrong you are. We are going into World War III, presently what would you be able to do? Go to the incomprehensible!”

It struck some light for Miss Hoffmann. A few hundred musings filled her cerebellum, wretched contemplations. She lit a cigarette, puffed substantial on it. She thought, felt, she was being met, as opposed to her doing the meeting. At that point after a long interruption, the teacher included, “Let us state it couldn’t be cultivated except if that one individual state, lady, state you, had acted in time?”

“Positively,” she closed quietly, “similar to the CIA used to do to out of control routines in the times of the Iron Curtain, for the sake of National Security, so I assume for the sake of World Peace, kill whomever should be killed to stop this silly killing, should be killed. It is better a couple of kick the bucket, than a couple of million, isn’t that what you need to hear, teacher?”

“Maybe! Is your creative energy equivalent to what I am going to clarify?”

She gave no answer.

“We see Putin and al-Assad, are the two fundamental factors that can stop this war, and another source: a beast winner out of sight, mixing the pot, Malik Tawus. What’s more, in the event that he isn’t halted he will make a monkey out of us all earthlings, he’s been watching earth an extended period of time a destroyer at his extravagant: Mordieu.

Remarked Miss Hoffmann, “You’re the sanest and most handy educator here at the college, so I’ve heard, yet what you’re deducing sounds profoundly crazy.”

(Miss Hoffmann had been charm when she gotten the telephone call from the minister that the teacher needed to be met by her, and now what he truly needed was for her to be an accomplice to meetings, similar to Pope Pius XII’s mystery support for the endeavored oust of Nazi tyrant Adolf Hitler; or perchance, the repairman to the rendezvous!)

She was holding up vehemently at his clarification with scramble, concerning her the subject had been charged…

She could tell now the teacher was vigorously. The teacher grinned at Miss Hoffmann, and at her bewilderment. Stated, “You are the ideal warrior,” including, “except if you do it, this psycho that has continued for a large portion of 10 years slaughtering voluntarily, his very own compatriots, similar to Stalin, it before long will be an annihilation, not all that not at all like the Jews holocaust, in WWII; nobody left in Syria, and there will be no people to come. The Middle East is a vortex, a repository of intensity, and power hungry men, more so today than in the days of yore of the Iron Curtain, or those days, preceding; yet today it is the future beginning spot for Armageddon. As we as a whole have now seen pulverizing butcher, atrocities. You are the main hub to harmony, to return the earth on its pivot.”

“At the point when should this happen?” asked Miss Gloria Hoffmann. Knowing great and well, the leader of Syria was reluctant to change, and was just a criminal on the loose.

“Promptly,” said the educator, “God prohibit we let one more day pass and enable any semblance of another Hitler to kill eighty-million additional occupants of earth… ”

Thus the educator’s arrangement was actualized, with the assistance of the CIA, and data from NSA, and with Israel’s reinforcement military flights, from Tel Aviv, to Syria, and Miss Hoffmann’s paper editorial manager’s help.

Thusly she went to the meeting with three presents, accidental who might be there without a doubt however trusting al-Assad, would not have one of his staff to supplant him, and Putin was there, and to the greatness of the Professor, so was Mordieu, whom he loathed the most. Miss Hoffman was permitted in a private space to group her notes out, and left alone, as the three political figures prepared for the worldwide exchange, live on TV, concerning the war.

(The Professor clarified, to Miss Hoffman, before her takeoff about Mordieu, being the delegate of a world past our own, in a cross-segment of the fourth Dimension, a plane obscure to earth researchers, until generally as of late. As he had disclosed to Miss Hoffmann, about Mordieu, his picture, and his natural cosmetics, as to keep him out of any splendid light, that he had an alternate natural make up, that ordinary light does not trouble him, however brilliant light does, he evades it, similar to a type of bacterium, that he had an antiquated system.” How the educator knew this astounded her. However he had proceeded to clarify significantly more: “As the camera focal point concentrates light on his picture, he is a colossal cyanobacteria, a type of life molded into human structure. He has a method for recognizing where brilliant light will be, and coordinates his moves as needs be, that is the reason his skin looks under certain light, a somewhat blue green. At one time his occupants were a type of planet green growth, similar to microorganisms solidified in ice, ice bugs in its normal structure, and at even a prior date magnifying lens microbes, what one may call a solitary celled ooze of a bug, however a billion years of advancement who’s to state, enabled him to turn into whatever he has progressed toward becoming, and maybe some assistance from satanic powers, or maverick heavenly creatures, doing tests, in this way came the Cyanobacteria-monsters, or goliath bugs covert, all stuffed into fiberglass, gel skin, that looks human.)

“You may enter,” said an operator, to Miss Hoffmann, into the fireside gathering room, with a few cameras set up for the meeting, and security protects about. What’s more, the meeting went smooth as arranged, and Miss Hoffmann gave every one of the three a Persian mat, of incredible esteem, saying it was a blessing from the paper proofreader of her journal, knowing this region of the world, for example, Iran, Afghanistan, Turkey, made the most elevated nature of carefully assembled carpets, they were not vast, rather five feet by three, and firmly weave. And all took them close by with grins and thank you (s), and from that point she was escorted to her plane back to Israel. The paper features, read the following day, each of the three were discovered dead of a type of toxic substance, they couldn’t envision from what, however everybody obviously knew.

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